The Cave
About Me

Quirky female writer-type. Aggressive snarky hagfish. Ambivalent fantasy-dweller. All of these things are things that adequately describe the creator of this here page; most people call me by whatever name I happen to be masquerading as at the time I'm talking to them, and a scattered handful call me Kiki or Caley.

I coded the layout for this site, so we can add neurotic little code-monkey to the list of things I may or may not be. I live in Maine; Maine is a state way up north, just under Canada and butting into the Atlantic Ocean. Before you ask yourself if I think you're that stupid: I've had people in California ask me where Maine was before. That's why I elaborate a little.

Anyways. I've got a dog and two brothers, an almost-mother and a living father, and a grandmother I visit every weekend on Saturdays. During the week, I don't really do jack shit all of anything. Except RP and read. That's right. That's effectively all I do.

C. N. Lyons

About the Site

This is sort of my way of smashing everything I do online into one area, more for my benefit than the benefit of anyone else anywhere in the world. It's also a chance for me to flex my code muscles; it's been years since I've really done anything code-worthy, and even though this site is simple, I'm incredibly pleased with the outcome of the whole thing. I might fill this out a bit better later, but what the Hell. Why not leave it short and sweet.